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What is a Brilliant Vapors electronic cigarette?

Brilliant Vapors electronic cigarettes, also known as vapor cigarettes, e-cigarettes or e-cigs are a high tech product developed to provide smokers with a clean alternative to smoking. Using the electronic-cigarette triggers a vaporizing process that releases a simulated smoke (actually a vapor mist) which evaporates into the air within a few seconds. The smoker inhales a Vapor that looks and feels virtually the same as smoke from a real tobacco cigarette.

Brilliant Vapors e-Cigarette Starter Kit

  • Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit
  • What are the benefits of Brilliant Vapors electronic cigarettes?

    - 90% cheaper than cigarettes
    - Free of tar, carbon monoxide and ash
    - Smoke free
    - Can be used almost anywhere
    - Come in a multitude of delicious flavors
    - Little to no smell
    - Refillable and reusable.
    - Can be purchased with or without nicotine